RunnerDude’s Blog: What Should I Wear?

The RunnerDude’s Blog notes a page at Runner’s World which I think is well worth checking out:

I’ve often thought how great it would be if I had a program that would pop up on my screen each morning with exactly what I’m supposed to wear for running that day. Well, I haven’t found that, but I did discover the next best thing—The Runner’s World What Should I Wear? tool. This handy tool allows you to enter the temp, wind, conditions, as well as how you like to feel (temp-wise) when you run. Once you’ve done that, it pops up the garments and gear you need for the day’s run.

Check out the page here.  Anyone know why Runner’s World has such crappy URLs?  It’s like brain damage.


Advice on Cold Weather Running

John Bingham has a blog post today with some good advice about what to wear in the cold weather.

The rule of thumb is to dress for a temperature that is about 15 degrees warmer than what the thermometer says, because you’re going to warm up as you run. So, if it’s 35 degrees outside, dress like you would to stand around at 50 degrees. You’ll be a bit chilly when you start, but you’ll warm up nicely in just a few minutes.

That’s great advice — it’s so easy to throw on everything you own so there’s no pain the first few miles, but it totally sucks when your sweating inside of your three tight layers.

Ask the Penguin.

Running paranoia pays off

4pm not 4am

Always good to check your alarm at least 100x

I think all runners have pre-race anxiety to some level. I do, no matter how big or small the race. Usually I wind up setting multiple alarms, and am up 2 hours before I need to be in any case.

Saturday night I set up alarm for 4:30pm, thinking I was setting it for, well, 4:30am. Just before passing out, I did one final check. Took this screen shot. Smiled. Fixed the alarm. And went back to sleep.

Benoit Ad from 1983

Great 1983 running ad featuring Joan Benoit. I’m getting simpler, as I now get choked up from Ads.

via Run Westchester

RunnerDude’s Blog: Tis The Season: Great Gift Ideas for Runners!

Some interesting gift ideas over at the RunnerDude’s Blog.

Joe Kleinerman 10k — a rough start

Ran the Joe Kliernman 10k today, which is an outer loop of central park.  I lingered a bit too long before getting to the starting line and the corals were closed, so I was forced to go to the back of the pack.  As this is my first 10k after a recent successful marathon, I tried not to stress — surely I wouldn’t let my sprits drop by having to fight my way to a reasonable pace!

Alas, although my sprits never dropped, my race never recovered.  My splits were 7:24, 7:00, 6:36, 6:41, 6:43, 6:33.  I finished with a 43:03.  Based on McMillan, I should have done 6:40s throughout for a 41:30.  Based on the end of the race I think I had it in me.

It’s frustrating because there’s no way to push through a crowd of 800 or so people to others running the pace I want to be running.  It’s just grin and bear it.  The good news is that now I’ve got a sub-7 minute time with New York Road Runners so next race I’ll be in the first coral.  If I can manage to get out of the porta-potty in time!

I’m part of the Taconic Road Runners, a great local running club.  We did well today.  I’m not a competitive person.  Really.  I just want to do better for the team!